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Blogroll Page Wordpress PluginThe Blogroll Page Plugin plugin for your Wordpress Blog is used to publish your blogroll to an individual post or page.

You can see how it works by visiting my Links page. The links that you see would be maintained in my blogroll with the Description field being output after the link.

I can see 2 main reasons that you may like to use the Blogroll Page Plugin:

  1. To try and save the bother of maintaining a links page. Instead of hand writing a links page that is a pain in the butt to edit each time you want to change anything, you can maintain your links in the WP database and publish them easily.
  2. Saving space in your sidebar that you might want to use for widgets or advertising or really long category lists.

Here are the simple instructions to get it set up:

  1. Download the plugin - Blogroll Page Plugin
  2. Unzip the plugin and upload it to your plugins folder.
  3. Create a new post or page for your links and put the following text in the content:


  4. There are 2 options settings that can be set in the Options->Blogroll Page section of the admin panel:
    1. Open links in a new window. This defaults to ‘no’. If you want your links to open in a new window, then set check the box.
    2. By default, the links inserts a link to this download page. You can disable this if you want - but I would really appreciate the link :)
  5. And that’s it.

I think there are a number of enhancements that I would want to make to this plugin. If you are keen to give it a go, then please leave a comment and tell me what you think about it.

Also, let me know if there is anything I could do to improve it.

Download - Blogroll Page Plugin

May 30, 2007
Posted in Plugins, Wordpress — Administrator @ 10:01 pm
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