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Proxy Hosting – Finding The Best Web Host For Proxies

Web proxies are a hot topic among webmasters behind. They seem to be easy money and traffic, but there are many considerations that must be done before we really jump into the hosting market proxy. You should do your research if you are seriously considering joining the ranks of the masters web proxy.

First, proxy starts hosting with a hosting provider. Most hosting companies will not accept proxies. They are very resource intensive and can easily lead shared servers to a stand still if they get a decent amount of traffic. For anyone seriously considering hosting a proxy VPS or dedicated server is a requirement. You need at least 256 MB of RAM on your server and 512 or more is recommended. Another thing to watch, control panels, cPanel, the panel’s most popular among webmasters is very resource intensive and can use all 256 MB of RAM on a VPS before your site even running. DirectAdmin lighter and other signs of weight control is strongly recommended to save resources for your users.

Disk space, proxy servers have a minimum of disk space. This should not be a major concern in choosing a host. A proxy acts as a data relay, which plays a man in the middle of all kinds between users and sites to be visited. This requires that all Web sites use twice the normal bandwidth of visiting a website. The first half of the data server is requesting your website user to visit. The second half of the data is sending data to this website to the user. Proxies people can eat a lot of bandwidth, make sure you have to spare.

This covers two main aspects of proxy hosting, RAM and bandwidth. A decent processor as Opterons Core2Duo, Xeon, are a tremendous asset, but will generally be a problem after RAM and bandwidth.

What should you be looking for when they choose a web host? Price is not everything. If you want to make money you better be prepared to spend a little too much. The $ 5 special on a shared server spell disaster if you plan to be successful. If a host allows you to host proxies in a shared environment it sounds fantastic and cheap, but you have to wonder what else is running, if they allow you to use many resources on the server. Only an irresponsible host would leave a user table all server resources, and you can not be that all these resources, then you will be very unhappy.

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