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How to decide which web hosting plan is good for you

You may have to decide whether you require free hosting or the paid one. Suppose you choose the paid web services. One would choose the paid services because it has much better benefits than the free one. Given the web owner’s financial is good; he will go for the paid services.
Here again one has to choose from the various hosting options, available in the market. These are as follows:
Shared hosting, here a number of websites are hosted on one physical server. This is most common type of hosting. It is moderately affordable. Here the resources are distributed among the various websites. The services are quite efficient.
Dedicated hosting, here the server is leased by only website, this is very expensive in comparison with the shared web hosting. Here enormous space is available to the client.
Virtual private server, here the one server is so segmented that each division acts as an independent server. This is best choice between shared and dedicated hosting.
Collocation web hosting, this is alike the dedicated hosting, but here the client owns the server, and the place for this server is allotted in the data center of the provider dedicated server review.

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