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Set Goals to Earn Money for Blogging

If my last post, Setting up Wordpress to Start Making Money interested you - then you might find it useful to set yourself some goals so that you can earn money from blogging.

If you plan to earn enought money from blogging to support your lifestyle, then it pays to have a plan in place to achieve this goal. Many people (ahem.. myself included) have made the mistake of hearing that there is a fortune to be made from blogging and then gone and created a whole heap of blogs that start off great, but then fizzle out as time constraints and a general loss of direction takes hold.

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Setting up Wordpress to Start Making Money

It’s fair to say that making money on the internet is really, really, really, incredibly easy. And using Wordpress to boost your online money making can make it even easier.

However, this is a very general statement since making a few cents a day can be achieved in a few hours simply by setting up a blog somewhere like Blogspot and sticking some AdSense on it and then getting some visitors.

But, making a sustainable living from the internet is not so easy - but achievable if a suitable system is put in place, goals set and fulfilled, and a bit of hard work and persistence is exercised.

Here is a simple list of things to do to set up a Wordpress Blog to get a money making system off the ground.

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Public Relations (PR) For Your Website

One thing that is important about publishing your website is getting some visitors. To do this you will find that you will engage in Website Public Relations - either consciously or sub-consciously.

A good resource for Online PR can be found at Conversation Blog
that is run by Philippe Borremans and was set up because Philippe believes that there is a need for a new approach to what is called “Media Training” and he also wants to train communications professionals to use weblogs and RSS technology in their daily work.

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