One thing that is important about publishing your website is getting some visitors. To do this you will find that you will engage in Website Public Relations - either consciously or sub-consciously.

A good resource for Online PR can be found at Conversation Blog
that is run by Philippe Borremans and was set up because Philippe believes that there is a need for a new approach to what is called “Media Training” and he also wants to train communications professionals to use weblogs and RSS technology in their daily work.

Basically, Website Public Relations can take the following forms:

1. Contact people you know and telling them about your website

This is probably the simplest method. It can be done by talking to people and sending them an email or letter. The limitations of this method is that it is constrained to how many people you know or have in your address book. Of course, this method can be very effective if you…

2. Contact everyone in your Mailing List

A very effective way of promoting new content on your website to people who want to hear about it.

3. Submit Comments to Forums and Blogs

This method is considered by many to be a long term approach and is based upon the idea that you make a name for yourself as someone who knows what they are talking about. This builds trust in readers of the forum or blog and encourages them to visit your website. How do they know where your website is? For forums you include it in your signiture and for blogs it appears as the link for the name of the commentor.

4. Submit New Content to News Content Sites

This involves getting you content onto the pages of sites such as Digg, Fark and Newsvine. This can be quite a tricky process - but when successful can lead to a lot of traffic - to the extent that your web server could spit the dummy and crash. For more information about this, visit New Sites That Send the Most Traffic.

5. Bookmark Your Content at Social Bookmarking Websites with Tags

By doing this you are letting like minded people know about what you think is bookmark-able and therefore interesting. This method is known to generate considerable traffic if your page gets posted to the popular list. Good websites for this are, Spurl, Simpy, and Furl.

6. Using Online PR Websites

This is how to get journalists, bloggers and other newsy types to pick up on your content. For more information on this, Go here to find online PR.

While this is not an exhaustive list - there are after all many ways to skin a cat - it could be considered a good start. If you have any other suggestions or comments please add them below.

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