WordPress 2.2 has just been released and contains and contains a number of new features as well as over 200 bug fixes!

If you are keen to upgrade then you can Download WP 2.2 here.

Some extra bits and pieces include:

  • Including Wordpress Widgets functionality in the default core code.
  • Full Atom support through updating the feed and xml-rpc publishing interface.
  • A new Blogger importer - making it easier to switch blogging platforms.
  • Infinite comment stream - using AJAX to make administering comments a little easier.
  • Protection from plugins that may break your WP install.
  • Plugin enhancements to speed things up a little.
  • A WYSIWYG interface for Safari users.

For the developers amongst us, there are the following items of interest:

  • A new set of WordPress-specific XML-RPC APIs that allow for editing pages, setting categories, and much more.
  • Internal mail functions now use phpMailer, which allows for things like SMTP support.
  • Increased the inline documentation of a number of functions inside of WP, which should help you navigate those parts of the code. Hooray!